Sunday, December 2, 2007

28. The sauce has been broughten

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You know how you've got something on your mind and you really want to say it but you feel like you've got to wait forever to get it out? That's what this comic is about. Not only was I jumpy (and sleepless) to make this comic happen, but those two kids have been thinking about romancing with each other for so long, it's ridiculous. And Heidi Montag showed up, too, for good measure (how stupid / great is The Hills? It's the most vapid entertainment I can think of, unless you count being braindead). But Orlando... poor Orlando... (pssh, not really, right? DJ Schmaltz knows who Justice is AND thinks that the Fake Blood remix of Bonde Do Role is hardly "off the shelf"). And lastly:

Check out the color version of the second panel.

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