Monday, July 23, 2007

25. The long awaited return to the world of Pigeoncat!

Originally uploaded by musicpurr
Hi folks! This is the long awaited return to the world of Pigeoncat. This is a break from the norm and, while I'd love to do all of the other comics like this, it's not only hard to find people to cooperate and pose, but it takes a lot of time. I also need to buy a better tripod.
Thanks to Tyler McPhee, Ben Rush, Claire Blanke and John Enkosky and BIG HUGS OF LOVE to Leona Dalphond who contributed their bodies. That sounds gross!
Also, yes, the size of the font is REALLY SMALL, which is due to the presentation size of this piece. 25Pigeoncat was meant to be a six foot banner - and it was/is - but that's why the font is so small. So it would be worth your time, if you like me, or if you like giggling, to check out the sizes of the other panels zoomed in on flickr. Now that I have this up, I guarantee a return to normal format and more chuckles. HOLLA!