Friday, January 4, 2008

35. Paper products are highly underrated

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I hope that the cardboard cut out jokes aren't lost on anyone. If it's really all that confusing, I suggest you visit this comic . You see, Pigeoncat does not operate under the normal fluctuations of time - I can't believe I've been doing this comic for two years and I only have 35 issues to show for it! Seriously though, it's coming back. It's just hard when you're changing your shit all the time - you know, like your home, your career and your whole method of thinking.

34. You're never safe, it seems.

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So, temporarily, I am working in DC before I gallivant off to San Francisco. The cool part about my job? I get to work on my comic while I answer phones at a law firm. The not cool part about my job? I get to answer phones at a law firm. I'm truly blessed that I have such a stunning imagination (har har) or else I'd truly perish of boredom. It was SO stellar today that I actually got two comics done. I might even get another one done tonight, or maybe work on my goddamn music blog for once.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

33. The remixes are pretty exciting!

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This may be a joke that's better suited for the snobbiest readers (i.e. myself, only myself, okay, maybe my cat Asimov), but I had to do it. You know? It's just been a while since I beat it into everyone's head that DJ Schmaltz is a pretentious jerk. A DREAMY pretentious jerk!

Some things got done today. It felt good. Things beside the comic, I mean. Man. Counting down the hours and the seconds!

32. Rick Astley is karaoke gold

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That camo sweatshirt consumed entirely too much of my time to create. I remember why it is that no one ever wore excitingly colored shirts. While I really enjoy the wacom (pronounced WHACKEM har har) tablet, seeing as my printer/scanner doesn't work, it doesn't make it easy to get over the nature of Things Getting Super Pixelated when I get that detailed. I mean, I guess it could be fixed but that would mean that I would be working on really big files and my laptop hates photoshop enough as it is, seeing as I am usually running other giant programs (iTunes, I am looking at you, you goliath).

Grizzly Bear makes the best music to listen to from 6-7 am.

31. The ladies just aren't getting loving.

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First Hilary and now Cathead. No one is getting love on this knitting club night. And yet, Orlando is still upset. Maybe he should grow a pair?

I think if I had EFP, I would trade it for telekinesis wherein I would make things move to me faster and quicker from long distances. Like food. Man, would I appreciate some food right now. I really really would. I may not get my wish granted, but a girl can dream, yo.

Monday, December 3, 2007

30. Those moody Capricorns

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There's a dash of irony going on in Headville Comics lately, and that's that... neither Pigeonhead nor Cathead have appeared in the latest five comics. Don't worry, that is about to change. I have not forgotten about Mouthy, either. Everyone just has to wait their turn.

It's supposed to snow like mad crazy bunny rabbits here today. I don't think I like the sound of that too much. That'll keep me further and deeper trapped in. But then I'll make another comic. Which that's good, right? Oh well. I have the next ones planned out anyways, it's those goddamn bodies that are so hard to draw!

(Also. Now the headphones are fixededed.)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

29. She totally rips off Yaz and it's a shame.

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Not much to report - I am simply plowing forth with ideas because it's so easy right now. Being holed up in Maine does something to your psyche. In fact, it makes you update your comic daily. I don't think I will have this powerful of an output for too too much longer - ideally, I want at least a new one each week - but once I leave this town, things will be differenter and for the better.

Now, for those of you who are like, "Who is Heidi Montag?!" and you really don't like copying the link from the title, here we go: She is making an album, her boyfriend is scary, and you can watch her be really fake here.

28. The sauce has been broughten

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You know how you've got something on your mind and you really want to say it but you feel like you've got to wait forever to get it out? That's what this comic is about. Not only was I jumpy (and sleepless) to make this comic happen, but those two kids have been thinking about romancing with each other for so long, it's ridiculous. And Heidi Montag showed up, too, for good measure (how stupid / great is The Hills? It's the most vapid entertainment I can think of, unless you count being braindead). But Orlando... poor Orlando... (pssh, not really, right? DJ Schmaltz knows who Justice is AND thinks that the Fake Blood remix of Bonde Do Role is hardly "off the shelf"). And lastly:

Check out the color version of the second panel.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

27. Seriously, why did I go on hiatus? This is so much fun.

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Some of you expressed confusion as to why the badger comic jumpstarted the new onflux of Pigeoncats. Well you see, the idea was that it's been a while since you last saw a Pigeoncat, and Wallace was acting as your re-entry tour guide. And also? Badgers are pretty phenomenal animals. And they are going to be playing a bigger role in the remainder of Pigeoncats.

But yeah, what bed are Hilary and DJ Schmaltz on?

Friday, November 30, 2007

26. Someone's got to speak owl

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Yeah... It's been nearly six months since I made a Pigeoncat. It's not like I didn't have ideas, but the depression of being in Maine with no musical outlet has gotten to me... so severely that I am failing school, consequently changing my major, and transferring to San Fran Academy Of Art. I feel like now that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it's getting easier to conceive of drawing for fun. And believe me... I have some good plotlines coming up, so keep checking every few days!