Friday, January 4, 2008

35. Paper products are highly underrated

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I hope that the cardboard cut out jokes aren't lost on anyone. If it's really all that confusing, I suggest you visit this comic . You see, Pigeoncat does not operate under the normal fluctuations of time - I can't believe I've been doing this comic for two years and I only have 35 issues to show for it! Seriously though, it's coming back. It's just hard when you're changing your shit all the time - you know, like your home, your career and your whole method of thinking.

34. You're never safe, it seems.

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So, temporarily, I am working in DC before I gallivant off to San Francisco. The cool part about my job? I get to work on my comic while I answer phones at a law firm. The not cool part about my job? I get to answer phones at a law firm. I'm truly blessed that I have such a stunning imagination (har har) or else I'd truly perish of boredom. It was SO stellar today that I actually got two comics done. I might even get another one done tonight, or maybe work on my goddamn music blog for once.