Monday, March 19, 2007

22. The shirt, Claire, is for you.

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There were about 3 endings I had for this comic. I hope this one was the best one. And if you're wondering what those smiley faces are, they're covering up, well, a word the FCC doesn't like. I like the smiley face method better than the *#%* method because punctuation marks should not be squandered. Man, if you haven't eaten beef in over a year and you're starving at 1 a.m., don't go to Denny's and have a philly cheesesteak! My stomach still wants revenge and I'm sorry, I'll stick to my homemade grilled cheese, I swear!

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Adam Gurri said...

This one is my favorite of the ones I've read :)

Of course, I am now going to shamelessly steal the punchline and use it repeatedly.